Kevin Arnold and his friends Paul Pfeiffer and Winnie Cooper are introduced during the summer of 1968 as they are about to enter the newly renamed Robert F. Kennedy Junior High School. The first day for Kevin was tough. At least one teacher remarked about what a problem Kevin's older brother Wayne had been, and assumed the same of Kevin. Later at lunch, after being teased by Wayne and his friends over his anticipated relationship with Winnie, Kevin attempted to leave the cafeteria with an apple in front of principal Diperna (leaving the cafeteria with food was prohibited). As Diperna confronted him; Kevin, already angry from Wayne's teasing over Winnie, hurled the apple back into the cafeteria. Kevin's parents were called in for Diperna's disciplinary session with Kevin; and just as Kevin was about to be punished when he and his parents returned home, horrible news is received--Winnie's brother Brian had been killed in action in the Vietnam War. Part one of two.