The Wonder Years is a series that introduces Kevin Arnold's childhood life.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold

Josh Saviano as Paul Pfeiffer (Kevin's best friend)

Dan Lauria as Jack Arnold (Kevin's father)

Alley Mills as Norma Arnold (Kevin's mother)

Jason Hervey as Wayne Arnold (Kevin's brother)

Olivia d' Abo as Karen Arnold (Kevin's sister)

Danica McKellar as Winnie Cooper (Kevin's crush)

Reccuring cast Edit

David Huddleston as 'Grandpa' Albert Arnold

Michael Tricario as Randy Mitchell

Brandon Crane as Doug Porter

Andy Berman as Chuck Coleman

Lindsay Sloane as Alice Pedermeir

John Frear as Brett

Krista Murphy as Carla Healey

Kathy Wagner as Lisa BerliniCrystal McKellar as Rebecca 'Becky' Slater

Holly Sampson as Teri